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RICHARD ATKINSON is a broadly recognized expert and business consultant in technology+business disruption and media piracy.  Prior to consulting, Mr. Atkinson built and led Disney's Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations Team for 6 years plus 5 years as a "Disney "Imagineer" applying advanced technology to Disney's theme parks worldwide. 

Mr. Atkinson spent 15 years with Northrop Grumman in advanced technology and communications.  With education from Art Center College of Design and MIT, Mr. Atkinson is well suited to blend highly creative and innovative ideas with the rigor of engineering and sustaining operations.

DAVID LINCK has overseen production publicity on some of Hollywood’s most revered and important films of the past 20 years.  His list of credits includes “American Beauty”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “A.I., Artificial Intelligence”, “Jumanji”, “Hook”, “City Slickers”, “Steel Magnolias”,  “Mississippi Burning”, “Bull Durham”, “The Cable Guy”, “Talladega Nights”, and most recently, Universal Picture’s “Everybody Loves Whales”.  Mr. Linck’s corporate career includes Executive Producer (CNN Entertainment News), Publicity Manager (20th Century Fox Pictures) and Director of Publicity (Sony Pictures), plus positions at MTV, the Los Angeles Times and Box Office Magazine.

PATRICK MURPHY is the founder and principal of Patrick Murphy & Associates, Inc., has over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry and held senior level positions at MGM and Turner Entertainment Co.

Mr. Murphy provides consulting services to motion picture studios and post production industry senior management, primarily focused on creating digital retention, migration and storage policy plans, identifying appropriate digital asset management and content management systems, “end to end” digital supply chain solutions, mergers and acquisitions and “due diligence” activities

MICHAEL OLSEN has over twenty-five years experience in financial services, business development and sales experience, in addition to expertise in strategic marketing, networking alliance development and relationship management.

Following completion of college in Calgary, Alberta, where Michael was born and raised, Michael began working in the financial services in 1980 and with a subsequent move out to Vancouver in 1986, he continued to be a top achiever.

In 2006, Michael, along with two film industry veterans, ventured out on their own to create Yaletown Capital, a company designed to provide tax credits and production services to Western Canada’s film and television industry. During this time Michael entered into an intense hands-on motion picture education, attending major festivals/markets both domestically and abroad.

Eventually preferring to focus exclusively on developing long-term business value and corporate financial strategies for production companies, Michael established TriStar Film Finance in 2008 (now known as Serengeti Media Group). The company, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto and most recently in L.A., was formed to service an untapped niche in the marketplace. It provides producers with one-stop-shopping for film financing, corporate structuring and business services – primarily for lower to mid-budget film and television productions. It also intends to exploit the financial potential of brand integration (aka product placement) for this tier of production.

Since Serengeti Media Group was officially launched in July of 2009, the Vancouver based company has provided $2.5 million in film financing and services to three independent feature films. These include; Paradox, a sci-fi thriller starring Kevin Sorbo; Daydream Nation, a romantic comedy, starring Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas and Andie MacDowell; and Blood: A Butchers Tale, a vampire/horror film starring Aaron Douglas and Kim Coates.

Through his company, Pandemonium Films, respected industry veteran and independent producer, BILL MECHANIC continues to produce high quality films with directors such as Henry Selick (“Coraline”), Terence Malick, David Fincher and Walter Salles (“Dark Water”).   He also recently co- produced the 82nd Academy Awards with Adam Shankman.

Prior to Pandemonium, Mechanic was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment for seven years. As Chairman and CEO, Mechanic oversaw all operations of the studio including worldwide feature film production, marketing and distribution activities, as well as all worldwide operations for Fox Video, Fox Interactive, Licensing and Merchandising, and Fox Music.

During Mechanic’s tenure at Fox, Mechanic revitalized the comic book genre with “X MEN”, the first successful adaptation in nearly a decade.  Under his reign, the company produced such hit films as “Castaway”, “Titanic”, “Independence Day”, “Entrapment”, “Big Momma’s House”, “What Lies Beneath”, “Men Of Honor”, “Never Been Kissed”, “There’s Something About Mary”, “Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition”, “Braveheart”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Quills”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Speed”, “True Lies”, “Die Hard With A Vengeance”, “The Full Monty”, “Dr. Dolittle”, “The X-Files”, “Me Myself And Irene”, “The Thin Red Line”, “Ever After”, “William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet”, “Broken Arrow”, “Courage Under Fire”, “Soul Food”, “Anastasia” and “Waiting To Exhale”.

Twentieth Century Fox released “Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace” in 1999. Green-lit by Mechanic , but released after his departure from Fox, were Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge”, Tim Burton’s reinterpretation of “Planet Of The Apes”, and Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report”, as well as sequels to the franchise projects Mechanic had green-lit, most notably the “X-Men” franchise.

Under Mechanic, Twentieth Century Fox in 1998 was the number one studio in worldwide box-office gross. That same year, Fox Music produced five of the top ten selling soundtracks: “Titanic”, “Hope Floats”, “Doctor Dolittle”, “Bulworth”, and “Ally McBeal”.  In addition, Fox has produced six of the top ten grossing movies of all time, and six of the top ten selling live action videos – both domestically and internationally – including the best selling video in history, “Titanic”. For three years of Mechanic’s tenure, Fox produced the number one grossing movies worldwide with “Die Hard With A Vengeance”, “Independence Day” and “Titanic”, shared the Best Picture Oscar for two years (“Braveheart” and “Titanic”), and won the Best Actress Award for “Boys Don’t Cry”. In all, Fox earned 42 Oscar nominations and 2 Best Picture Oscars during Mechanic’s tenure.

Leon Silverman

LEON SILVERMAN is one of the most widely recognized and respected names in the Hollywood post-production community.  Mr. Silverman has devoted his career to understanding how new technologies, workflows and tool influence the industry’s creative, post-production and manufacturing sectors.

As General Manager, Digital Studio for The Walt Disney Studios, Mr. Silverman is responsible for the strategy, policies and transition of the live action motion picture studio to a fully digital, file-based, post production platform.  Additionally, he looks after the team responsible for the ongoing efforts to restore classic Disney animation as well as a project tasked with the creation of new digital masters and archive elements for the entire Disney live action motion picture library.

Prior to joining Disney, Mr. Silverman served in a number of roles including President of LaserPacific Media Corporation, where upon its acquisition by Kodak in 2003, he was also named Director of Strategic Business Development, Entertainment Imaging Services and a Vice President of Entertainment Imaging for the Eastman Kodak Company.

Mr. Silverman was recognized for his contributions to the creation of LaserPacific’s Electronic Laboratory, which received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development in 1989. He was also recognized for his contributions to the development of LaserPacific's SuperComputer assembly process in 1996, which was again the recipient of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. 

Mr. Silverman is President and co-Founder of the Hollywood Post Alliance and holds a bachelors degree in telecommunications from Indiana University.  Mr. Silverman is a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), an Affiliate Member of the American Cinema Editors and an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers.

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