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“...informative and entertaining insights from Hollywood professionals - reality-based, first-hand experience...”


“ It was very intriguing to have a one-on-one conversation with business professionals in the field and get more of an insight in the business.”  -  Mihir Jogani

“The material was presented with real world applications and the examples reflected current trends. The material covered the current status of the entertainment industry as well as illuminating the overall structure of the business. The guest lectures were of the highest caliber.  I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in gaining a strong understanding of the entertainment industry.”  - Manuel Berdichevsky

“This is an ideal class to create a solid baseline of knowledge for anyone working in the Entertainment Industry.” - Leslie Beavers

“...the guest lectures allow for further networking and discussion with other industry professionals. The materials provided open up the learning process with video lectures, PowerPoints, that cover all aspects of the industry.” - Alexander Smith

“The Business of Entertainment is a must for all who aspire to work in the film industry, or for those already working who are looking to expand their macro understanding of the industry.” - Eric Dickinger

“I highly recommend taking this class for anyone who's interested in the ins and outs of the business side of entertainment.” - Dana Jacques

"The Business of Entertainment" provided a wide overview on different aspects of the business: copyright laws, windows, new technologies, marketing elements of filmmaking and tv production. It's an open-window on the future of the entertainment market. A must-take course if you are in the business or just need an update on what's going on out there in Hollywood.” - Stefano Corbetta

“This class is absolutely essential for ANYONE seeking a career in entertainment...and if you are a writer, wanna-be producer/director, etc... then you MUST take this class, before you end up shooting yourself in the foot, due to entertainment ignorance.” - Eric Sandoval

“I have recommended this course to friends and co-workers ad- nauseam simply because so many people in this industry do not have all the answers and are left either guessing or getting left behind in the wake of those who are in the know.” - Walter Scrass

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